Red Aventurine Palmstones


This listing is for one red aventurine/strawberry quartz palmstone. You are receiving a piece that is chosen intuitively.

✨Unconditional love Self-love ✨Friendship ✨Romantic love ✨Mother love

Red Aventurine/Strawberry Quartz is a crystal that you will benefit from, especially when you want to change a part of your life to a more desirable or pleasurable state. This crystal will help you find what you are seeking, and it will focus your energies on your efforts to change your life. It will help you discover a new path or try a new approach. It will support you in your quest to achieve what you desire most.

This crystal will help you to dispel feelings of apathy and bring you the motivation you need to complete your tasks. It is a powerful action crystal that will increase your fearlessness, initiate action, and boost your productivity.

Red Aventurine/Strawberry Quartz is a beneficial crystal for those who always require comforting or soothing energy, such as healers and therapists. It’s a crystal that will strengthen the connection between your Heart and Crown chakras and bring them in harmony with one another.

Red Aventurine/Strawberry Quartz is a very powerful crystal, but its energies are very gentle, loving, and supportive. The beauty of the stone makes it a beautiful addition to any collection.

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